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Orange Flower Facial Oil

Orange Flower Facial Oil

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NYR Organic Orange Flower Facial OilZensations recommended product: Orange Flower Facial Oil

This intensely hydrating and nourishing NYR Organic product is my personal favourite, I use it everyday. Avoiding and preventing the effects of skin dryness can help delay the effects of ageing. Orange Flower Facial Oil is the ultimate moisturising boost: it’s versatile (use on your face or any areas of dry skin), it smells and feels gorgeous, is packed with essential oils, anti-oxidants and omega rich oils, it absorbs quickly into your skin, it’s organic, ethically sourced and animal friendly. This handy little blue bottle may look small but it lasts for ages, you only need a couple of drops each use.

How to use Orange Flower Facial Oil:

Use it everyday, after cleansing your face. Either apply a drop or two directly onto your fingertip and apply it to any specifically dry areas you may have, or rub a few drops into the palms of your hands and gently massage into your entire face. For an extra moisture boost apply after cleansing when your skin is still damp, to lock in the moisture. You can then apply your usual moisturiser and make up over the top.

Recommended skin types: Ideal for normal, dry or sun damaged skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and young skin that may only require a light moisturiser.

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