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Reflexology ~ good for the sole!


When you visit Zensations for reflexology you can expect to receive a intensely calming, soothing and deeply relaxing treatment that gives your body what it needs. Reflexology brings balance, harmony and a sense of well-being to your body.

Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling stressed or out of sorts, which can lead to illness. Our bodies need balance to keep working healthily. Reflexology brings about that sense of balance. Reflexology does not cure – only the body can do that. Instead it facilitates healing within the body.

Reflexology is a gentle and effective therapeutic treatment applied to the feet and sometimes to the hands. It is a holistic therapy that treats you as a whole, in order to induce a state of balance and harmony within your body, mind and spirit. In reflexology all the areas of your body are mapped out on your feet; there are reflex areas on your feet corresponding to all parts of your body including major organs. At Zensations only the highest quality vegan reflexology wax is used in your treatment, in order to massage and manipulate your feet. By manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of your feet, we can work on any problem areas and your whole body can be re-tuned and brought back into balance. 


An accumulation of stress can lead to a congestion of energy within your body, which can lead to bodily inefficiencies and illness.

Reflexology brings the body back into balance, removing tension and stress, restoring homeostasis and inducing a deep state of relaxation which at the same time stimulates your body’s own healing processes; It boosts your immune system (which is weakened by constant stress), stimulates the circulation, removes toxins, stabilises breathing, can help with digestive problems, sinus problems, hormone imbalances, boosts energy levels and induces deep tranquility within your body, mind and soul.

Once the body has been rebalanced, regular treatments can help to maintain health and general well-being.

At Zensations we only use the highest quality, 100% natural, vegan certified reflexology wax on your feet, which has not been tested on animals.




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What Our Clients Say

  • If you want a little piece of Heaven, take a trip to see Sally at Zensations and try the Reflexology. I guarantee you will walk out after your session feeling like you are floating on air. Your feet will feel like cushions and you'll sleep like a baby. This is a very professional set up, with low lighting, soothing music, amazing scents and the warmest, comfiest treatment bed you'll ever find. I went as a one-off treat to myself and now I admit I'm hooked. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Amazing!

    Janet Thompson

  • I've suffered for a number of years with lower back, neck and shoulder pain taking stronger pain killers over time. A work colleague recommended Sally and the remedial massage she offers. I couldn't believe how much pain had been relieved after the first treatment on my lower back. I could bend and pick goods off the bottom shelf of a supermarket, something I struggled with a week before. Three sessions on my neck and shoulder followed, relieving so much pain from that area - I can actually look over my right shoulder without moving my whole upper body. A second session on my lower back has left me in such a good place now, far less pain and a good understanding of why the pain occurred i.e. bad posture. I'm recommending Sally to friends and family with muscle pain similar to mine. The whole experience is so friendly, relaxing, the scent, the music and the heated massage table. Pain killers no longer required.

    Steve Todd

  • My first time with Sally and the experience was absolutely fabulous! I went to her exhausted , stressed and out of sorts needing pampering and healing. Her room is a haven! Such a tranquil environment and the attention to detail with everything a real treat! Peppermint tea, beautiful music and the gorgeous smell of oils in the air. She selected aromatherapy oils to suit my needs and then followed the most blissful full body massage which was the best treatment I have ever had. Her massage technique is amazing, and I came out feeling like a new person! The next day I woke up feeling energised and happy! I have been to many places where I feel as if it's been rushed and not quite right. Little things missing and with Sally you feel that she really loves what she does and focuses completely on what your body and mind needs. I can't wait for my next treatment. Thank you Sally, so glad I've found you! :0)

    Kate Dawes

  • The reflexology sessions that I receive from Sally are relaxing and peaceful. She is very careful and has a high standard work, which helps me to feel better and improve my general well-being. I would highly recommend Sally as a therapist.

    Irina Saratova