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Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping


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Ancient health for modern life

Fire cupping (also known as cupping therapy or cupping) is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years. Early medical records show the Egyptians using cupping in 1550BC, followed by the Chinese, then the ancient Greeks, which then spread through the Asian and European civilisations.

Performing cupping over injured sites speeds up recovery. Blood, toxins or cell waste can stagnate in injured areas, muscles or joints and cause pain. Cupping the injured area draws out the stagnant blood, toxins and cell waste away from the injury so that free healthy circulation can be restored, to heal more rapidly for faster recovery and pain relief.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that your health and general well-being rely on your blood, energy and body fluids (including hormones and lymphatic fluid) being able to flow freely through your body. Stagnation of any of these causes pain. This may be caused by injury, stress, a lack of blood, energy, or an invasion of cold in the body and joints. When cupping is applied to specific acupoints on the body,  it can improve circulation and bring warmth to affected areas, reducing pain and improving overall well-being.

Today, cupping therapy heals Olympians

Today, many Olympians swear by cupping, they say it helps them because it saves them from a lot of pain. The technique uses the suction in the cups to pull the skin, muscles and tendons up and away from the body, rather than compressing them, as they are in a massage. This promotes blood flow, resulting in quicker healing. Athletes say it helps because when the cups are moved around it helps loosen tight muscles and tendons. Sportsmen and women have found that cupping provides relief from the soreness and pain they experience. They say that given the benefits, the cupping marks are a small trade-off for something that can ease the physical demands they put on their bodies.



Fire cupping therapy involves the placement of heated glass cups on the skin which creates a vacuum. Your therapist creates this vacuum by removing the oxygen from the cup via a flame and the cup is immediately applied to the area that requires treatment. The skin and muscle layer is drawn into the cup and held. Cupping creates a unique pulling sensation that results in a tight feeling under the cups. Most people enjoy this intense feeling and the endorphin rush that comes with cupping. The application and removal of the cups alone generally lasts around 15 minutes (but can last anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes). At Zensations, we blend your fire cupping treatment with massage. Combining these two powerful therapies into one package creates the ultimate therapeutic experience.

The marks left by cupping are a result of an increase in bloodflow to the area and from unwanted toxins being brought up to the skin surface and away from the injury, so that healthy free circulation can be restored. Cupping marks tell us the severity of the problem: moderate blockages will be pink or red and take a day or two to disappear, while severe stagnation will be deep scarlet or purple and will take around 7 – 21 days to disappear.

Ancient healing for modern living

What Our Clients Say

  • I immediately felt at ease when I visited for the first time. Sally is very skilled at remedial massage and acupuncture. She took a lot of time to understand the problem and give the treatment. I started to feel the benefits the next day and had further improvements after each session. I would thoroughly recommend Sally.

    Carol Leak

  • A fantastic experience from online booking through to the after service. Not only do you get one of the most robust, targeted and non-hurried massages going (I have the remedial sessions), but there's lots of science stuff to go with it. So when you have an ache, you don't just get a knot worked on, you get a proper explanation of what's going on with your posture to create it in the first place, a look at an iPad app with photos of posture and detailed background, then a massage focussed on that issue, as well as some exercises emailed home afterwards so that you try and fix what the issue was over the long term. Plus the room itself is really lovely, modern and relaxing, and Sally is a very welcoming, skilled practitioner. Can't think why you'd want to get a massage anywhere else!

    Mark Newton

  • I have been going to the gym for several years now. I’m in my mid fifties and every so often I seem to injure myself for one reason or another. I end up having to take time out from the gym until I recover. One nagging problem I had for about two years, before meeting Sally, was Golfers elbow. I had been to the Doctors a few times regarding this problem, and I was told to wear a Tennis /Golfer Elbow support strap and stay away from weights in the Gym. But when I met Sally and she told me she could help, I thought I would give it a try. Well, if I’d have known Sally could relieve the pain in just a few massages I would have gone to her a lot sooner. I wish the Doctor had told me to get help rather than fobbing me off with a couple of useless suggestions. I’m now a regular at Sally’s, she just seems to know what is needed for whatever I go to see her about, I now go for prevention massages rather than wait until I’m injured, Sally will recommend stretches to prevent future problems when she notices tight muscles. Sally gives a very relaxing, unhurried massage. Every time I see her, she is so professional and knowledgeable, and her room is so relaxing with the soft music and oil diffuser fragrances. Sally is also very easy to get on with. I would recommend Sally to anyone and in fact I already have, to more than a few.

    Wayne Bowler

  • I've suffered for a number of years with lower back, neck and shoulder pain taking stronger pain killers over time. A work colleague recommended Sally and the remedial massage she offers. I couldn't believe how much pain had been relieved after the first treatment on my lower back. I could bend and pick goods off the bottom shelf of a supermarket, something I struggled with a week before. Three sessions on my neck and shoulder followed, relieving so much pain from that area - I can actually look over my right shoulder without moving my whole upper body. A second session on my lower back has left me in such a good place now, far less pain and a good understanding of why the pain occurred i.e. bad posture. I'm recommending Sally to friends and family with muscle pain similar to mine. The whole experience is so friendly, relaxing, the scent, the music and the heated massage table. Pain killers no longer required.

    Steve Todd

  • After suffering with facial pain and sinus problems for more than two years I decided to try massage for stress relief. I can honestly say that after only two treatments from Sally my symptoms have started to ease and my energy levels have increased. Sally offers a comfortable and professional service and I would highly recommend the remedial facial and neck massage.  

    Kristien Pearson

  • I spend a lot of time in the gym and often my muscles feel wayyyy too tight. I could never find anyone to massage me deeply enough. That changed when I met Sally, she really knows how to make a grown man cry!! She works so deeply, it gets rid of all the aches & pains that really bug me. Afterwards I'm always freer and I can move again without hurting. I see Sally whenever I need help. I do recommend her to my friends.

    Ryan Locke