Your First Visit


Welcome To Zensations

If this is your first visit to a massage therapist you may not know what to expect. Don’t worry, Zensations is a warm and friendly place and your therapist is experienced and professionally trained, she will ensure you feel comfortable at all times.

You will be listened to, and every effort will be made to help you obtain the positive changes that you want to achieve, in order to improve your health, fitness and well-being. At Zensations all your personal and clinical details are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

If you’re not sure about what to expect on your first visit to Zensations: Please take a look at our step-by-step guide below.

Your Visit To Zensations...


  • In the days before your treatment, drink plenty of water.
  • Don’t eat a large meal just before you arrive.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time and relaxed. If you are rushing and arrive stressed, it will take longer to reach a relaxed state.
  • If you have a fever, or feel ill, nauseated, or dizzy: contact Zensations to reschedule your visit.


So you’ve booked your appointment…. A top tip is to aim to arrive a couple of minutes early, so you don’t miss out on any valuable massage time that you’ve paid for. Your therapist will meet and greet you and you’ll be given a health questionnaire to complete.


Your consultation and assessment on your first visit is free of charge, it will take around 20 – 30 minutes to complete, on top of your massage time, for example; if you pay for an hour of massage – you’ll receive an hour of massage!

Your therapist will sit down with you and discuss your health history, any concerns you may have and what you would like to achieve from your treatment. The information you provide helps your therapist determine what techniques to use to best achieve your specific needs. Your consultation and assessment on your first visit will take significantly longer than on any following visits.


If you have come for a sports massage or remedial massage your therapist may also carry out a postural assessment and possibly range of movement assessments. Zensations uses an advanced software program to precisely measure and record your posture alignment; it produces an on the spot report, which highlights and measures any postural deviations that you may have. We can then work together to improve your posture through a combination of massage, a tailor made exercise routine and postural awareness. As we progress through your treatments and regime, we can easily compare posture reports to view your progression. After your treatment, your postural report will be emailed to you.

Top tip – Wear close fitting garments for your postural assessment (e.g. stretchy shorts & top).This is because in order to get the most precise screening of your posture, we need to be easily able to pinpoint the outline of your body.


Now your therapist has completed the assessments, it allows her to create a customised and safe treatment plan. Your therapist will discuss the treatment plan with you to ensure you are completely happy and agree with what is proposed before you proceed.


Your therapist will then leave the room while you get ready for your massage in private. Many people worry about modesty. You will be covered under large towels for the entire session, except for the area being worked on. You don’t need to be completely undressed; so leave your pants on. Your therapist wants you to be as comfortable as you can be, so you should undress to your own level of comfort. However, you should remove your jewellery, so that it doesn’t interfere with the massage. Once you are on the massage couch, you can cover yourself over with the large towels provided. Your therapist will knock on the door to ensure you are ready before re-entering.


Your therapist will ensure that you are comfortable; she may use extra pillows, bolsters or a head rest to support your body comfortably. You can have the temperature of the couch adjusted to suit your preference. Massage oil will be applied to your skin to reduce drag and then your therapist will begin your agreed massage treatment. You will be asked from time to time if the pressure is okay; at any time please tell her if you prefer a firmer or softer pressure, because everyone has different preferences – this is your massage.


When your massage is complete, your therapist will check how you are feeling and offer you a drink of water. Your therapist will then leave the room so that you can get dressed in private. When she returns she will give you some aftercare advice to follow at home, so you can achieve the best results from your treatment. Your therapist will then take your payment (if you haven’t already pre-paid) and assist you with booking your next appointment.

What our clients say about us

  • I've been going to Zensations since last year. Sally is a lovely person, very calm and relaxed herself. Her massage is always very professional and she really listens to what you need. Highly recommended!

    David Brown

  • I've suffered for a number of years with lower back, neck and shoulder pain taking stronger pain killers over time. A work colleague recommended Sally and the remedial massage she offers. I couldn't believe how much pain had been relieved after the first treatment on my lower back. I could bend and pick goods off the bottom shelf of a supermarket, something I struggled with a week before. Three sessions on my neck and shoulder followed, relieving so much pain from that area - I can actually look over my right shoulder without moving my whole upper body. A second session on my lower back has left me in such a good place now, far less pain and a good understanding of why the pain occurred i.e. bad posture. I'm recommending Sally to friends and family with muscle pain similar to mine. The whole experience is so friendly, relaxing, the scent, the music and the heated massage table. Pain killers no longer required.

    Steve Todd

  • Sally provides a high-quality service. She is meticulous and methodical in her work and commited to helping her clients benefit from their treatment. I always look forward to my treatments and am so glad to have found such a professional and caring therapist. Highly recommended.

    Jen Smith

  • Sally is a great massage therapist, she has helped me with all kinds of sports injuries over the years. Her treatments are always thorough and effective, she's friendly, professional and comfortable, Thank you for all your help Sally!
    Katy Wasiukiewicz
  • The lady with the magic fingertips that is my name for Sally. For some time I have been having trouble with my knee, dreading the thought of having a knee replacement. I was searching the web for answers when I came across Zensations, so I contacted them and I was assured that they could probably do something for me. My first visit I was given a very thorough assessment of my whole body and all my little niggles I was suffering from. So I decided to go ahead with the treatment which was fully explained to me, and believe me after one treatment on my knee I could walk a reasonable distance without a limp, with further improvements over the next four weeks. Sally has not only sorted out my knee but also all my other little niggles, amazing lady, I shall keep up treatments in the future.

    Terence Freeman

  • My first time with Sally and the experience was absolutely fabulous! I went to her exhausted , stressed and out of sorts needing pampering and healing. Her room is a haven! Such a tranquil environment and the attention to detail with everything a real treat! Peppermint tea, beautiful music and the gorgeous smell of oils in the air. She selected aromatherapy oils to suit my needs and then followed the most blissful full body massage which was the best treatment I have ever had. Her massage technique is amazing, and I came out feeling like a new person! The next day I woke up feeling energised and happy! I have been to many places where I feel as if it's been rushed and not quite right. Little things missing and with Sally you feel that she really loves what she does and focuses completely on what your body and mind needs. I can't wait for my next treatment. Thank you Sally, so glad I've found you! :0)

    Kate Dawes